Dentist of Lincoln, CA offers Arestin® treatment for periodontal disease


Dr. Daniel Nolan, dentist of Nolan Dental in Lincoln, California, is a quality dentist voted twice as the Best Dentist in Bakersfield. He takes pride in being a reputable professional in his community and providing comprehensive dental services to patients in and around the area. Patients struggling with conditions such as periodontal disease are encouraged to book an appointment at Nolan Dental for an evaluation, proper diagnosis, and to discuss treatment solutions.


For some patients, treatment of periodontal disease (referred to as gum disease by some patients) may require the use of antibiotics. Antibiotics are commonly known for treating infections—and periodontal disease begins with infection. This condition should be evaluated by a dental professional to determine the stage and severity, which then helps in making sure the right treatment plan is followed. The earlier stages of the condition, often known as gingivitis, is typically improved with a thorough cleaning of the teeth, while the later stages may require scaling and root planing as well as antibiotics.


At the practice of Dr. Daniel Nolan, Lincoln area patients may enjoy treatment with the use of Arestin®. Arestin® is formulated with minocycline hydrochloride and is an antibiotic that kills bacteria that results in periodontal disease. This medication is placed right in the pockets of the gums for immediate treatment and can be applied following procedures such as scaling and root planing. It treats areas where brushing and flossing alone cannot reach, and starts working quickly right at the source. Infection and inflammation are treated for 30 days after the application of Arestin® and patients will see improvement in their condition even 90 days following their procedure. It works better than scaling and root planing alone, providing amazing improvements in the health and wellness of the smile.


If you live in the community of Lincoln, California and want to speak with a dedicated professional about antibiotic treatments for infections such as periodontal disease, now is the time to speak with Dr. Daniel Nolan of Nolan Dental. His practice can be reached at (916) 645-1138 for an appointment request.

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