Lincoln CA Dentist on Brush Maintenance

Your Lincoln CA dentist always wants your smile to shine its brightest. And while we offer some of the top procedures available in the field to help maintain and improve your grin, a great deal of effort is still needed by you at home in order to keep your teeth healthy and your oral health on the up and up.


One of the most important practices to follow in relation to this is twice daily tooth brushing. In order to do that- you need a quality toothbrush that is always germ-free and in the best shape possible. Below we have listed some tips for maintaining the quality and health of your toothbrush for you!


The first step to take is quite simple and can be done before and after brushing. Just take the head of your brush and wash it under hot water while brushing a thumb through the bristles. This combination of heat, force and flow can dislodge any lingering bacteria left on the brush.


After brushing, make sure to store the brush upright in a holder that has access to plenty of airflow and isn't in contact with other brushes or surfaces. Every few weeks make sure to wash out the bottom of the holder where that white "gunk" (actually bacteria) can form. Never let a friend or loved one share your brush to avoid cross contamination.


Lastly, make sure to replace your brush at least every 3 to 4 months to make sure it is bacteria-free and the bristles are just as strong as they need to be to be efficient at doing their job.


For more information on brush health or to schedule an appointment with the best Lincoln CA dentist at Nolan Dental, call our office today at (916) 645-1138.

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