The Development of Your Teeth

Many of us will take for granted the teeth we use every day. That is until something goes wrong. Our teeth are responsible to help us digest and chew our food. They also help us to speak. Learn more about how your teeth develop and you can give them the attention they need.
The Development of Teeth
We will have two sets of teeth in our lifetime; the primary (baby) teeth and permanent (adult) teeth. The development of each of these groups of teeth is similar. 
Teeth tend to erupt in the mouth in a symmetrical pattern. If your top molar on the right is growing in, you should expect the top molar on the left to follow. 
The tooth actually forms before we ever see it. The crown of the tooth will form first underneath the gum line. Then, the root develop after the tooth has erupted into the mouth. 
The 20 baby teeth will be in place between the ages of 2 and 3. They should remain untouched until about the age of 6. From there until about the age of 12, the primary teeth will fall out and make room for the adult teeth. Adults will have 32 permanent teeth.
The Parts of the Tooth
Each tooth is divided into two parts: the visible crown and the root beneath the tooth. The root anchors the tooth into the bone. The crown is the white, visible part of the tooth. Here are four basic structures to the tooth:
Enamel – visible substance which covers the crown. It is harder than bone and made from phosphorous, calcium and hydroxyapatite. 
Dentin – below the enamel and looks similar to bone. It is not as hard as enamel and is at risk for decay.
Cementum – tissue covering the tooth root. This also helps anchor the tooth into the bone. It is softer than dentin and enamel. Cementum is light yellow and normally covered by the gums. If the gums become diseased, this can become exposed. 
Pulp – center and core of your tooth. This contains nerves, blood vessels and soft tissues which deliver the nutrients to your teeth.
Your teeth are an amazing part of the body. Each part has a job and a purpose. Take care of your teeth properly so you can enjoy them for many years to come. If you have any questions for your Lincoln, CA dentist, please call the office at (916) 645-1138.
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