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A lot of talk has been made of the term "access to care" and "affordability of care" in the current health care debates. Dentistry has been wrestling with these issues a long time. There are so many treatment options available to solve current dental needs, it is a shame that so many people can't afford the care they need. Each dentist has to decide how they will or will not help to solve this problem.


As an office, we have made a decision about the cost of dental care. It is too expensive! We cannot eliminate this problem altogether but we can lower our fees to make it more affordable for OUR patients. When I came to this office the fee schedule was quite a bit higher than I expected. We decided immediately to lower the fees for all major procedures. For example, the fee for a single implant was reduced from $1700 to $1050, a 40% decrease. My hope is that this will be helpful in making procedures more affordable for more people while leaving money available for other of life's demanding expenses.


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When people hear the phrase, "you get what you pay for," they may wonder about the quality of a less expensive alternative. Quality is a reflection of the integrity of the provider, his skill set, and the materials being used. Nobody wants to sacrifice quality to get their medical or dental care. I am excited that in our office we have made it our mission to provide the best in quality dental care, using high-quality materials, at fees that are more affordable.
People in all age groups and circumstances, including young singles, newlyweds, young families with children, parents supporting kids trying to make it on their own, retirees, and people between jobs, have budget challenges. A senior discount of 10% in the "80's" was nice but we found most people need a "senior discount," and not just 10%. We experience the same problems of overhead that everyone does, but we are determined to do our part to promote quality comfortable dental care at more affordable fees.
Come visit us or call one of our helpful team members. There is never a charge for a consultation and I will make myself available to you to see how we can help you get the best dental health care you desire and deserve!
We have made it our mission to provide the best in quality dental care,
using high-quality materials, at fees that are more affordable.


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