Family Dentist in Lincoln, CA Discusses Dangers of Oral Piercings

There is a rise in people getting various oral piercings, but is this damaging to your overall dental health? From tongue piercings to lip, check and other soft tissue piercings, many choose these piercings as a method of self-expression. While this is seen most often in young adults and adolescents, there are some things your family dentist in Lincol, CA wants everyone to know about oral piercings. 
Complications Involved with Oral Piercings
No matter what type of oral piercing you are thinking of having done, there are several complications you’ll want to be aware of. While not all of these will happen, they are all possible.
Damaged or chipped teeth
Recession of gum tissue
Scarring and lacerations
Oral Jewelry becoming embedded which requires surgical intervention
Obstruction of the airway
Keloid formation
Unusual discharge from the pierced site
Palatal Erythema
Various patches of sores or infections
Some people are even finding that they want to move forward with tongue splitting. This is a modification of the tongue within the mouth. Basically, it is performed by cutting the tongue into two pieces using a variety of techniques. Not only is this process invasive, but extremely dangerous. It has led to severe bleeding in patients as well as inflammation. Even worse, there have been reports of extensive infections, lingual nerve damage and other possible complications. 
What is the Recommendation?
If you speak with any dentist regarding the use of oral piercings, they will advise against them. In addition, the ADA strongly advises against the use of intraoral cosmetic piercings and tongue splitting as well. They state that these procedures are invasive and the negative consequences to someone’s overall well-being are higher than any positive benefit that could be achieved. 
If you do move forward with a piercing anyway, it is important that you keep the site clean at all times. In addition, you’ll want to make sure to visit your family dentist in Lincoln, CA on a regular basis to ensure that the mouth remains healthy. Contact your dental office today and make an appointment to discuss your thoughts on oral piercings. It is wise to seek their professional option before moving forward with any piercing done inside the mouth. 
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