Don't Fear Your Marysville, CA Dentist

Most parents who bring their children to the dentist find that the visit goes smoothly. Some kids are more than happy to comply with what the dentist needs, and may even have fun listening and learning. However, there are many kids who have a fear of the dentist. This fear can lead to appointments that are emotional and draining for everyone involved. 


Why Kids Fear the Dentist?

Why do kids fear the dentist? The answer is different for every kid that is out there. However, here a few of the more common reasons:
They may have a parent or sibling who is afraid. This means it is a learned behavior.
Some kids are naturally nervous and a dentist appointment can send them into a panic.
Many kids associate fear and pain with the dentist (which is obviously not true), much like kids are afraid of the doctor due to the shots they receive during their lifetime.
Other kids simply do not like the poking around in their mouth by a “stranger,” or having anyone using a toothbrush on their mouth during a cleaning.
For those kids who fear the dentist, one of the worse things a parent can do is to give into this fear. Never avoid the dentist because your child is afraid, as this is condoning and feeding into these fears. 

How to Help Your Kids Prepare


For those who do have children who fear the dentist, there are a few things you can do at home to help them prepare. These aspects include:
Talk about the upcoming appointment so they know there is nothing to fear.
Answer their questions and address concerns that they may have.
Consider getting to the office a few minutes before an appointment to help your child get accustomed to the staff and the office. Seeing the welcoming office and the friendly people can ease tension. Our staff and dentist will help put your child at ease! 
Encourage your child to not be afraid as there is nothing to fear. Tell them about great dentist appointments you have had, so they realize that their fear is not something to give into. 
Remember, kids have wild imaginations. All it takes is one hiccup in a dentist appointment to give children the wrong impression. Our office aims to help kids feel comfortable and happy. This way, kids not only learn how important their teeth are, but they can also develop a trusting relationship with the top Marysville, CA dentist.

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