Dentist near Placerville CA offers Sealants to fight off Cavities

No matter how good your dental hygiene routine is, the risk of cavities is always real. There are certain people who are usually prone to the dental cavities as a result of the structure and shape of their teeth rather than not brushing regularly. In case your dentists find that you are suffering from an advanced tooth decay no matter how good your oral health is, the dentist may suggest that you use dental sealants to ensure that your teeth remain healthy.


Importance of dental sealants


Sealants are not to be used by all patients. In fact, they are usually reserved for those who are prone to cavities, especially the young kids and teens including the newborns. Sealants have been designed in a way that enables them to fill the deep pits, as well as the grooves of the molars which are usually susceptible to the cavities as they trap the food particles in the areas of the teeth. When the bacterium becomes trapped, this means that it will cause cavities, and therefore, the sealants play an important role in protecting the tooth from the cavities.


When sealants are applied before decay can occur, it becomes possible for the sealant to block the bacteria; hence, it enables the sealant to block the food particles and bacteria from getting attached to the teeth surface.


For how many years do sealants last?


After the application of the sealants, it is estimated that they can last for a period of around 10 years, especially where there is proper dental care. It will not be necessary for them to be removed as they tend to wear away with time. This makes it possible for you to get new sealants where these are necessary. After the application of the sealants, the dentist will need to check on them every time you go for cleaning. If he finds that they are wearing out fast, he will reapply them.


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