Lincoln CA Family Dentist Discusses how to Protect Your Children’s Teeth at a Young Age


Here at Nolan Dental, we’re dedicated to providing top dentistry for adults and children. We want parents to help their kids understand the importance of oral and dental care since there are a number of statistics that show children have poor teeth which results in early tooth loss. With the help of your Lincoln CA family dentist, we’ll provide tips on how to ensure your kids are getting the best dental care possible in between their appointments with us.


We believe that making sure your children know how important daily dental care truly is should be the first step. Teaching them at a young age to brush and floss their teeth every day helps them grow up to understand what happens when you ignore these simple steps. Parents should also brush their teeth along with their kids to set an example; kids are more likely to mimic what adults do.


Until your children can properly tie their shoes, they may not be able to properly brush their teeth on their own. Kids don’t have the right dexterity to clean their teeth safely and efficiently, which is why parents should be there to teach them. Here are some steps that parents should make sure their children understand before they let them brush their teeth on their own:


· Don’t use too much toothpaste. It can become too abrasive for their teeth, so only use a small pea-sized dab on toothpaste, preferably containing fluoride. This will also ensure that your child doesn’t swallow a large amount of toothpaste.

· Use a soft-bristled toothbrush. There are some brushes that are too tough for your teeth and can cause sensitivity.

· Don’t forget to brush your tongue. Bacteria tends to linger on the far back of your tongue and can cause bad breath.


If you have any questions about how to take care of your children’s teeth while they’re at home or at school, please call your Lincoln CA family dentist today! And don’t forget to schedule their back-to-school routine appointment—contact us today at (916) 645-1138.

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