Dentist in Lincoln Discusses Tooth Loss.


When we are children, we find the experience of losing a tooth both frightening and exhilarating (Thanks, Tooth Fairy!). As an adult, tooth loss can feel devastating. There's the big gap between two teeth to try and hide. Even if it is a molar that is lost, the gap will most likely show any time the mouth is open. There is also oral health to consider. With the empty space, there is the opportunity for food debris to get stuck beneath the gums. Then there is the issue of shifting. Without support, teeth around the gap may move out of place.


Tooth loss may be a more prevalent problem than you imagine. Statistics reveal that more than 30% of American adults lose a tooth by the age of 40. As most of us know, the risk of extensive tooth loss increases substantially with age, though this doesn't have to be the case. If you are looking at the prospect of replacing a lost tooth or several lost teeth, there is no better time than the present. Today, we have far better options for tooth replacement than conventional bridges and dentures. Really, you could say one option, because at the end of the day, it comes down to replacing roots.


Why Roots Matter

It used to be that dentists focused on replacing the visible portion of a missing tooth or teeth. It wasn't so much because there was no understanding of the importance of roots. It was more like the technology to replace these vital structures didn't exist. Without roots, though, there is no viable way to stabilize any type of replacement. Roots are what keep our teeth in place in the jawbone. Dentures sit on top of the gums, so they have no stabilizing substructure. A bridge can be settled onto adjacent teeth, but this means those teeth have to be reduced, and this can make them vulnerable. Roots also keep the jawbone healthy.


Root Replacement with Implants

As an experienced dentist, Dr. Nolan is a great resource for patients in Lincoln who want to restore full confidence in their smile. The strategic insertion of tiny posts is all it takes to reinstate the stability needed to bite, chew, smile, laugh, and speak confidently.


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