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Receding gums is just a symptom of a gum disease, resulted from a functional and mechanical problem you need to address right away.  In addition, you need to know what its causes are and how you can cure it:


Causes of Receding Gums


•    Poor dental hygiene

Your negligence of flossing and brushing your teeth could cause tartar and plaque buildup that sets the development stage of gum disease.


•    Use of tobacco products

Chewing tobacco and smoking could destroy your gum tissues and reduce your blood supply on the gums.


•    Periodontal disease

Active infection on your mouth could terminate the supporting bone structures and tissues on your gums.


•    Genetics

There is an instance that the genes passed by your parents cause the development of gum disease.


•    Wrong way of brushing

Brushing your teeth the wrong way could cause wearing down of your tooth structure. It may also lead to receding gums.


Treatment for Gum Recession


Receding gums cannot be reversed. This just means that the receded tissue in your gums will not grow back. Don’t panic! You can keep this from getting worse. The treatment will depend on the cause of the gum recession.  If it's because of poor dental hygiene or hard brushing, you need to speak with your dental hygienist to know how you change your flossing and brushing behavior.  Use mouth rinses every day that combat plaque and could help get rid of that plaque right between your teeth.


On the other hand, mild gum recession boosts up your bacterial risk in developing on the pockets around that affected area. Thus, gum disease will then form rapidly where another gum infection resides. 

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